Saturday, March 3, 2012

Word Study I have been completely distracted from blog world for the past several months as I have been learning how to teach thirdies to prepare for state testing. I had to teach myself how to do these things first...yikes! Talk about feeling like an old dog!! Okay so testing starts Tuesday and I am so ready for my kiddos to just knock it out of the park!! They have worked so hard and I am so proud of them!

So...I titled this post Word Study because I am so curious what everyone out there does for Word Study or Spelling. Our district has no set curriculum for this area and we all do things a little differently. I am following alot of the ideas and suggestions Beth Newingham discussed on her blog post for Scholastic. I also have the Fountas and Pinnel word study set as well as the Words Their Way books. I try to use all these resources to make word study a meaningful time in the day for my kiddos.

I would love to read all about what you all do for this in your classrooms or districts.


Mrs. Shepherd

I am interested to see what others will post about word study. I give spelling for homework, but don't teach it as a skill in class. We do other word practice within our shared readings, discussing meaning, prefixes, suffixes, etc.



My district has no set program either. Each building can choose. My building chose Words Their Way. I used it years ago. I love how it teaches kids to discremenate between small differences in words. I give them choices for the writing aspect of spelling.


Heather's Heart

We use Fountas and Pinnell as a resource. We then look at out states TEKS (skills and standards). We incorporate those into our science and social studies units. Each grade level as certain sight words and chunks we are accountable for. We have freedom to create our own literacy activities to put into our learning centers.

I am a HUGE fan of word study!

I just found your blog and am your newest follower.

Have you been to Beth Newmingham's website?

I would love for you to come visit me when you get the chance. I have a poem I shared called "Teach Me" that I would love for you to read. It helps remind us that we are teaching more than a curriculum or test.

Heather's Heart

my classroom is my runway

I have never fully grasped the concept of Word Study. Every time I try something new, it flops. This year I am going to use Words Their Way. I will give the Words Their Way Spelling Inventory. There are three different levels for the test (Primary, Elementary, and Upper Elementary). After students have taken the inventory, you grade it, then fill out a spreadsheet that corresponds with the word list. Based on a child's scores on sections of the spreadsheet, they are put into word study groups that correspond with lessons in Words Their Way. Not sure if it will fully work, but we'll see.

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