Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Daily 5

Just finished a great day with "The Sisters" - Gail and Joan! What an amazing day of learning and tips as well as meeting some great new friends, even one from blogworld....Julie from Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher and I were actually at the same table...what a small world. I can't wait to go back tomorrow and hear more about CAFE!!

Here is a little sample of some the great ideas shared today...

When making the anchor chart for Read to Self you should only do the first two behaviors in order to keep the focus lesson short and the teacher should just provide those behaviors for the students instead of having them brainstorm them. The first two behaviors are Read the Whole Time and Stay in One Spot.

When sending students out to practice you should place them around the room and start by placing your students with the most independence first and end with the least independent. 

The other information that was SUPER all had to do with the "Barometer Child." I will share more of that to have some dinner and prepare for tomorrow!


Mrs. Shepherd

Planning to implement the Daily 5 this coming school year! Thanks for all the tips. Can't wait to read more.

Cindy Foreman

Thanks for the great info! I began Daily 5 last year in my 4th grade class and am continuing it this year! I also just found your blog and am following you now. I'm new to this whole blogworld too so feel free to come on over and check out mine :-)



Wow, that's awesome!

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