Friday, July 22, 2011

Dollar Tree Finds I am visiting my family for my Great-Grandmother's 98th birthday this weekend and made a trip to the local Dollar Tree with my mom today. They had a box of sight word cards and parts of speech cards. I grabbed a set of all of them and only spent $10. I am excited to pair these with my desktop easels from Target for a great Work on Words station during Daily 5.

Sight Word Cards and Parts of Speech Cards from Dollar Tree
Speaking of Daily 5...I will be heading to Ann Arbor, MI on Monday to see the sisters....can't wait. I am beside myself with excitement, it should be a great conference and I am looking forward to hearing what Gail and Joan have to share as well as all the wonderful teachers who will be there as well.

Okay, one more thing....I just want to give a shout out to my home district. We had a teacher led Tech Fest yesterday and I was able to share with some wonderful teachers in my district how they can use iPods in their classrooms to enhance reading instruction. What fun!! 



I will add you to my Sqworl list!! I love having another 3rd grade blog to follow and glean from! I'm heading to the Daily 5 training on Tues. Wed. Maybe we will see each other! Do you teach in Michigan? I teach at Madison in Adrian and I live in Manchester. I'm soooo excited to go see the sisters in action. I saw them once at MRA but only for a couple hours. This should be awesome!! A few of us from our district are going and then presenting to the staff when school starts up.
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The Dollar Tree is getting better and better with their teacher stuff. I guess they know we like a good deal! :-)

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